About myself:

My name is Elizabeth. I am a long-time cat owner who was born a cat person!

Elizabeth: Cat servant!

Reasons to write this help page:

To show you how to feed your cat according to its limitations, condition’s and preferences in the best, most natural way possible without it being too complicated.

What I hope you take away from my page:

All the tools and knowledge that you may need to be confident in supplementing your aging cat as their condition changes.

Adapting their diets and preventing problems along the way. Helping your cat get the most enjoyable and nutritional meals that are needed.

Making sure your companion has the right food and supplements means a longer life with more quality and less pain. Not to mention, more time with you and your family!

Do you have  any inquiries or questions  or comments about anything in the article?Those willing to give wise suggestions are welcomed to do so!Just keep it friendly and polite…no hissing please!

Purrfectly at your disposal,







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