Insurance for senior cats health.

Today,I will touch on the subject of getting health insurance or pet insurance to protect your senior cats health.

Get a plan before they get sick:

In this age, it is possible to do the same treatments and give similar medications to pets that humans have, albeit not the same dosages. Special diets, prescription medications, adaptive devices and surgeries cost a fortune for us humans that are without public or private health insurance-imagine now with our pets!

Moreover, it is advised to get health insurance for your furry companion early in life or as soon as you acquire your cat cause it’s easier to get them accepted and covered before they develop any ailments, diseases or disabilities that would cut your feline friend’s chance of getting covered or it can rack up the prices of premiums, deductibles and reimbursement rates!


Now, we are aware that it can get quite expensive to treat and medicate a senior or sick cat. We must first of all start with a trusted Vet to get a physical check-up with all the usual blood tests to get a sense of where your pet is at in terms of needs.

Also, what are your cat’s particularities when it comes to your cat’s breed? Is it a full breed or mixed breed? What are the associated conditions and ailments related to your cat’s breed?

Has the cat been sterilized? Pre-existing or known diseases you’re aware of? Certificates and vaccines? What is your budget and what are you wanting the insurance to cover?

Reasons to get insurance:

Now why would you want to get insurance for your pet?Because it is way less costly than paying out-of-pocket the full amount of a treatment or an operation. God forbid you have more than one “fur-baby” to care of that has a chronic ailment which is highly possible and something to consider when keeping and caring for an older cat.

The tests alone can get very costly. Then there are the vaccines and medications… Well,you get the picture! What’s more, the insurance can assist you in counseling what is best for your cat for the age and condition that they are in.

Healthy and agile senior cat.

Where to find the right insurance:

A veterinarian would know some of them but you can check out the website of your local animal shelters and SPCA. They may give tips for finding one as well.

The consumer review sites (report,advocate,review,best,etc.) are a good place to go to get an overview of pros and cons of each and not falling into the same mistake as other people.

You should also call up your existing auto and home insurances because they might have a pet insurance that you can bundle and save on the pet insurance in doing so!

Of course there is word of mouth but why not take it up a notch and go on a pet message board and ask others on the forum for their experience and counsel you on which one might be best for your pet!?

You can check out these neats websites for starters!:

Cost versus covered by insurance.

Types of insurance:

There are a few types and sub-types to choose from and each with their limits to the benefits and payouts they give that are differential in that it rests on parameters like breed, conditions, age, how long you want the insurance to cover your pet and what deductibles-premiums ratio in the plans you choose to take-up.

In the first category, you can come across “wellness insurance” or named “preventative insurance” that goes for the regular stuff like vaccines and normal vet appointments, etc. This is thought to be not very advantageous and a waste of money. You might want to shop around and consider if your pet really needs this depending on frequency and intensity of preventative and maintenance care of your cat.

Next of, you’ll see plans that resemble accident only, accident-illness, full or comprehensive covered care that will include all of the above (routine care too). Mind you,there is a caveat to the full insurance:It won’t automatically cover prosthesis/artificial limbs, illnesses already present, abuse ( I suggest you can sue the one who would abuse your pet and report them to the ASPCA.,SPCA. or local policing agency), emergency transport and big surgeries like a transplant for example.

Thirdly,you’d need to pick one according to the breed of your cat because some have particularity of having diseases and conditions that are common to that specific breed.Some develop respiratory issues related to their build like Persian or angora cats that are flat nosed.Or,they are more stomach sensitive like the Siamese cat.

Forthly, do you want a yearly plan or for a lifetime?And in this plan, capped or no cealing to payouts from the insurers?It’s  all things to take in consideration when getting pet insurance. Not to mention that you can get plans that you pay per condition individually,that is pay a deductible for each condition your pet has, individually.

I recommend to get a lifetime insurance because it can englobe so many things that we don’t always think about! Cat housing,your cat’s liability if it destroys something or…someone!The cost of the animal if lost or dead and funeral and burial costs,not to mention that some places offer “perks” with their coverage such as help line,bereavement counsel,poison hotline,compassion care for pet’s with long time illness, a magazine,emergency care coverage and LOL.! a  “concierge” for your pet’s needs.

See for yourself:

My own experience:

Don’t do what I did in the past.I payed out of pocket for anything cat and when I couldn’t afford treatments,I made the regrettable decision to put the cat to sleep.It had cost me once 500$ dollars for two 5 month old cats and I had to spend another 200$ for euthanasia a couple months after because the tests didn’t detect damage already done!They had 2 typeds of worms and probably from the womb.

They had all their blood tests for urine and feces and blood.They even had a worm treatment and their vaccine’s!Not to mention the food bought under Md. recommendations!

They both looked in pain and had symptoms of fecal and urinary incontinence.Had I taken an insurance I could’ve at least saved myself much problems and hurdles!

In conclusion:

In the end it is always better to be safe than sorry!If you have any medical questions or inquire about something in my article,I would be most glad to know what “inquiring minds want to know”.

Do remember this:If there is something you need me to write about,give me a heads-up so I may do the research and heavy lifting for you and find the experts and “exhibit A” as a top notch detective would!

In my next post,it will be a cats problems and symptoms related to food and lifestyle of the senior house cat.

Till then,play nice!

Purrfectly yours,




10 thoughts on “Insurance for senior cats health.”

  1. I’m in the UK and I think the situation is very much the same in this country. Vets now offer scans and other tests as a matter of routine, treatments have become much more sophisticated and therefore expensive and therefore it’s a good idea to consider insurance for your cat. Insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of treatment so it seems like a very good way of ensuring your cat can receive the best care  

    1. I agree fully with you on all counts!I hope you can find the right insurance?Thanks for your insightful comment and have a great day!

  2. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article as I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i know this might crazy or archaic but I never knew one could insure a cat or even an animal at all I must say thanks once more I would definitely do this…but I would like to ask must the insurance be from when the cat is still a kitten

    1. No,but there might be higher payments to do and there is an age,depending on the type of insurance and insurance companies,that will not accept a cat after a certain age.

      It is not crazy at all to think no insurance necessary…Many false conceptions still exist about caring for a cat!

  3. Great article and just in time. There are two cats in our house. One is three years old and the other is a very small kitten two months old.
    The former died three years back at the age of ten. What a reason, I don’t know. He didn’t look to be sick, ate expensive food and looked healthy.
    We should be interested in the situation in my country Latvia. Does the insurance also cover tick encephalitis?

    1. Hi M. Andrjs! I would recommend that you call them up and ask to compare lifetime and pay per condition options.If you can afford it,you should take the lifetime one!

      Also,in Latvia,I am not at all sure if they serve your country but you can call or email them.

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us .I’m so glad you found this article .Because I have an older cat .I am very aware of his health .Although sometimes there are problems .I’ve heard of many types of insurance .This is the first article I learned about elderly cats, especially their health insurance .Which is very good news for me .At least I can be sure my cat will be properly cared for .I love my cat so much .Wish him well all the time .Thank you very much again for this .I will definitely look at the links in your article and I have collected this article for the future. I will pass this article on to my other friends who have such an old cat and they will be very happy .

  5. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article. 

    You really got with this post. My wife and I have a cat (Burmese) for almost 3 years. We didn’t get any health insurance for her because we didn’t find it so useful. Reading your article I realized that health insurance is very beneficial for the cat as well as for us. Not only the money saved but also many benefits and treatments that we can use throughout the insurance program are a great advantage. For me this is the first time I find out that there are so many types of insurance. I appreciate because you have put a list where to find the best insurance and i think i will choose my home insurance too from there.

    Thanks again for this. Wish you all the best! 

    1. Hi sir!Very glad this has been informational for you!They say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!

      Still rings true today!Congratulations on your decision to go for a plan that includes your home and pet!

      Let me know if it is entirely satisfying to you!Pass it on as well cause people have no clue about this!

      Thank you very much for your sweet comment and send my purrrs to your Burmese cat!

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